Exiom offers training across a number of software packages and technologies either at your company or at our offices. 
If you don’t see your desired package on this list, just ask us for it and we’ll develop a training session for your organization.

Courses are designed to take as little time as possible while still giving students the tools that they need to succeed. 
Most take only 1-3 days, depending on the subject matter. 
Contact us for more information and to register for any one of our courses.

Custom Training

While our standard course modules below are in high demand, company executives often hire us to develop custom training on an in-house system or a specific software or hardware package.

 We’ll work with you to quickly develop the courses and deliver them in a hands-on way that leaves your employees ready to immediately implement the lessons they’ve learned. 

Whether you are looking to bring your IT staff up to date on the industry’s latest technology or training users on your newest CRM solution, we will design a course that will perfectly fit your needs.

Cognos Reportnet

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is the only BI product to deliver the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, proven architecture. This includes: 
  • reporting & analysis
  • score-carding
  • dashboards
  • business event management
  • data integration


WebSphere DataStage delivers three key capabilities necessary for success in enterprise data integration: 
  1. It provides comprehensive connectivity to easily and quickly access any source or target system
  2. Contains advanced development and maintenance tools, which speed implementation and simplify administration
  3. It is a scalable platform that can easily handle today’s massive volumes of corporate data.

Process Management

The pressures of e-business, mergers, globalization and ruthless competition are accelerating the pace of business change. 

In this pressure cooker, only organizations with solid, fundamental end-to-end practices will be able to adapt fast enough. 

Consequently, processes that affect our customers, suppliers, owners and staff, among others, must be at their peak to gain and maintain stakeholder loyalty and support.

Data Warehousing

This course has been designed to show the student the differences between designing data warehouses and traditional systems for the online transaction processing (OLTP) environment.

 It will emphasize the need for understanding business requirements and developing an appropriate warehouse architecture as the foundation for the warehouse. An enterprise or subject area data model serves as the starting point for designing the warehouse. The course will then discuss the design of the various types of structures found within a typical data warehouse, such as detail data, summary data, multi-dimensional data, external data, specialized subsets, etc. 

The tradeoffs in designing for efficient data retrieval, loading, and data management will be considered. The maintenance and use of metadata throughout the life cycle will be considered. It will also discuss partitioning, parallel processing, replication, and other issues.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

During this two-day workshop, each attendee will get a head start on mapping out his or her company’s CRM implementation. 

The sessions are designed to encourage participants to use tools introduced in the Master Class to assess their individual environments and make good choices about how to proceed.

  • Information Resource Management Association of Canada (IRMAC)
  • York Technology Association (YTA)
  • Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO)
  • Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association (CTCA)
  • Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Municipal Information Systems Association of Ontario (MISA)
  • Communitech
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