Shelf                  Labels

ESL Smart Tags  = The new way to label!

  • ESL Smart Tags provide instant updates to Price and Promotional content to Smart TAGs. 
  • Smart TAGs improve profits, streamline operations, and enhances marketing efforts.
  • ESL’s enable retailers to remotely change pricing on any SKU in the store in minutes to ensure timely and accurate pricing.

KEY FEATURES - what we have to offer
  • E-paper graphic display for best readability in all circumstances
  • Large screens generally used for Fruit/Veg and Electronic appliances
  • 5 year life time and replaceable battery cassette (no housing tampering)
  • Mounting solutions for attaching to rail, hanging, fixing vertically or putting on horizontal furniture
  • Universal rail adaptation and patented design to attach shelf-talkers
  • Integration 
    • Seamless integration
    • Suitable for customizing
    • Adaptable technology
  • Bi-directional communication, mandatory for geolocation solutions

Benefits & Functionality

IMPROVES Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Bypass the entire supply chain required to manage price changes with Smart TAGs

INCREASES Productivity

  • Staff tied up with pricing? - Set them free !
  • Allow your front line employees to focus on serving your customers instead of updating price stickers
  • Save employee time -To free them up to do other tasks

INCREASES Speed to Market

  • Improve the ability to make pricing decisions quickly will allow you to remain more competitive

REDUCE Production Costs

  • Save Money - Cut labour and material costs
  • Easier to change prices over a cloud network, you no longer have to constantly produce new price stickers 

REDUCE Labor Costs

  • Reduction of time and money spent on adjusting price stickers, reducing front-end labor force 
  • Improve employee moral

REFLECT Real Time Costs & Sales/Offerings

  • Instantly manage sales and offerings from a central location, instead of going through a lengthy process to manage your sales. 
  • When the price goes up $0.10 tomorrow, you will be able to immediately change your prices.
  • Flexible Pricing - Raining today? Make a special offer on umbrellas
  • Strategic Pricing - Cost of apples up 0.01%? Fine-tune your prices

PRICE Integrity

  • "The Price is Right" - Product & POS are exactly the same!
  • Time and creditability is lost when customers complain about amending differences in prices
  • Improve customer satisfaction & trust
  • "That'll be 2.99 for that 2.99 bar of soap" 

FUTURE Friendly

  • Technology is disrupting every industry because it is so dynamic. Smart TAGS adapt with you, so you can continue to build the business you want.
  • "Smart store technology helps you grow, grow and grow"
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint- eliminates the need for battery disposal or paper price tags

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