Technical Support

Technical Support Services

Exiom’s technical Support team will help your organization exceed the level of performance required to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. 

Using our services for more general IT requests frees up your IT staff for more important projects for your company. 

If you’d rather have your IT staff working on your website instead of helping the marketing manager install the latest graphics suite, Exiom has the people that you need.

Automatic updates

Operating systems and software require periodic updating. We can handle enterprise-wide automatic updates safely and securely for each employee.

Bug Tracking

We track user bug reports and follow up to ensure that issues are not just closed, but solved.

Priority Bug Requests and Product Enhancement Requests

Users can fast-track a bug or product enhancement request through our system if they need immediate solutions.

Assigned Case Manager

Your business is assigned a personal case manager so that you have one point of contact with Exiom for all issues.

New Software Releases

We will install and train your staff on the use of any substantial new software releases.

Weekly Status Reports

We will provide you with weekly status reports on all of our technical support services so that you know exactly where we are from week to week.

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